Make your space a destination

The right piece of art can make all the difference — between sweet and soul-stirring; between pleasant and healing; between ordinarily lovely and unforgettably awe-inspiring. What do you want to create in your space?

Four seasons of magnificence

Inspired by nature and traditional vessels, these sculptural statements are at home outdoors year-round, even in northern climates. The changing play of light and the elements offers never-ending delight. The high-fire ceramic material is frost-proof, drain holes allow rain water to flow out, and lids keep out winter precipitation.

“The vessels induce the sense that they have always been in that place.” - Designer Magazine

“Their presence invokes a sense of the sublime and delights the eye and heart.”

- Stephen Procter

Grandeur indoors

Whether you employ it as a focal point at the center or an accent in a corner, a large ceramic form emanates a quiet sculptural presence. The clean lines and the material itself harmonize with practically any design scheme.

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