Below you’ll find pieces On hand and available by order

Inspired by organic forms and classical proportions, these forms are earthy and ethereal at once. As sculptural elements in the landscape, they reinforce structure, provide visual interest, and create inviting destinations.

The vessels can be placed indoors or year-round outdoors: As with all my work, the high-fire stoneware material is non-porous, drain holes prevent interior water accumulation, and lids (optional in three seasons) keep out winter precipitation. The presence of the vessels gives interest and vitality to the winter landscape.

Each piece is made to order in my Vermont studio, so will have subtle individuality that shows the variability of the natural material and the touch of the artist’s hand. Six to eight weeks is typical turnaround time for production and delivery. As always, I welcome any inquiries about monumental-scale pieces, custom-designed forms, and site-specific installations.

Egg vessel

Egg Vessel

This organic form settles easily in the garden.

28h x 23w $2,200 Available now

42h x 36w $5,500 By order

GAIA GLOBE, 26h x24w, $2,000 - The globe brings a calming element into the space it occupies.

Gaia Globe

The globe brings a calming element into the space it occupies.

27h x 24w $2,300 Available now

34h x 30h $4,600 By order

40h x 36w $7,800 By order



This daring form is a technical tour de force that celebrates voluptuousness and elegance on a grand scale…

54h x 46w $12,000 Available now

Hera winter

…and here she is

in fashionable winter attire.

Slender bottle stephen procter

Slender Bottle

Dark finish and dramatic proportions give rise to sense of mystery.

43h x 15w $1,850 Available now

cocoon stephen procter


As its name indicates, the subtle swell of this vessel is inspired by the energy of gestation and metamorphosis.

46h x 24w $2,800 Available now

58h x 30w $5,200 By order


Classic Bottle

The clean lines of this slender form lend an almost Modernist simplicity to its classic proportions.

40h x 16w $1,600 By order

50h x 20w $3,000 By order

monumental vase stephen procter

Monumental Vase

Monumental scale (five feet tall!) and bold lines ensure that this piece will assert its presence in any setting. Price reduction (from $12,000) reflects repaired joins and surface blemishes from the firing.

60h x 40w $8,000 Available now

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